*means  “Hello” in Turkish.
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Who we are
Since 1984, we are providing boutique travel services to our clients. We are specialized in what we do and provide our clients full service with respect to their travel needs. We are "open" 365 days a year.
*means  “Pleasure” in Turkish.
What we do
Since our establishment, we have been involved in luxury travel industry and we continue to explore the world to be able to make new fascinating suggestions.

We are confident with our experience, knowledge and personal relationships we have established over 30 years that enables us to provide our customers a unique insiders approach. So, it does not matter where you want to travel; Turkey or abroad. It also does not matter if you are a group of 2 or 20; or if you are travelling for 2 days or 2 months. We can accommodate both small and large group from a weekend for a couple or large family vacations.

We always individually design your itineraries. In a world where every “online” traveler is a travel agent himself, we provide the extra service that distinguishes our guests from any other traveler.

Every detail of your tailor-made luxury itineraries, from accommodation to site visits, is thoughtfully handcrafted and “privately” executed just for your “pleasure”.
Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions
We have been organizing corporate meetings in Turkey and abroad for companies in different sectors and varying in size from 20 attendees to 500 for over 30 years. We offer flexible, customer-oriented services and provide you an integrated and unique program appropriate for your business.
Airline Ticketing
Being an IATA member since its establishment we excel at following up your flight information, offering alternative and cost-efficient options and making arrangements according to your preferences.
Private Transfers
Whether in Turkey or aboard, we can organize any kind of transfer with chauffeur driven luxurious cars, boats, helicopters or private jets.
*means  “Open” in Turkish.
We're here
We are "open" 365 days a year.

Movenpick Hotel, Kat: -2,
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